Friday, June 19, 2020

#MVS2020CTF Write-Up (iOS)

Here is the last Write-Up for the #MVS2020CTF.  During the live competition, I wasn't aware of any "free" tools to analyze iOS systems, so I fell back on Cellebrite PA and was able to find several flags quite easily.  After the live event, I found out about #iLEAPP by @AlexisBrignoni and re-processed the iOS data.  This allowed me to try out a new tool and gave me an opportunity to validate the flags found with PA and iLEAPP, since both tools were generating the same answers.  This post will focus on the flags found with iLEAPP to continue with the #OpenSource theme for the #MVS2020CTF.  I will have a more detailed post in the coming weeks regarding creating new artifacts for iLEAPP and ALEAPP (the Android parsing tool by @AlexisBrignoni).  Without further delay here are the flags that I was able to find. 

Once again a huge thanks to the folks at Magnet Forensics for putting on a great virtual summit and for putting together a CTF that focused on finding some pretty unique artifacts as flags and encouraged the use of #OpenSource tools.

  • Account Scout
What's the Apple ID email associated with this device

Flag should look like: flag<> (Don't include flag<>)

After running the iOS extraction through iLEAPP, we open the main index file for the full report.  Looking at the Accounts - Account Data we see the flag for the Apple ID as

  • What's in the toolbox?
What tool was used to perform the acquisition on this device? Note: You only have 1 attempt

 Magnet Axiom
 Mobile Evidence Acquisition Toolkit

Based upon the inclusion of the MEAT Log, the flag for this question is Mobile Evidence Acquisition Toolkit.

  • I would walk 3,264 miles just to hack you tonight
What is the name of this user's favorite city in Apple Maps?

The flag for this question was Loserville, but I don't remember where I found this flag.  I found this early on before I decided to start a blog and started documenting the process of where the flags were found.

  • Not a HIPAA Violation
What medication is this user currently on?

This flag can be found searching "Medical" in Cellebrite to get the Medications; however it could also be found with a search of "Medical" in Windows Explorer, which brings you to private\var\mobile\Library\MedicalID\MedicalIDData.archive.  Open this file in Notepad ++ and you see that the medication is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.

  • Who am I?
What's the name of this device?

So this could actually be found in multiple places in the iLEAPP report.  First it can be found on the Report Home page and then the Device Details Tab as shown below.

The second location within the iLEAPP Report would be under the Data Ark Artifact along the left side of the report.  The flag is Alan's Fantastical iPhone

  • Ye ole 9 to 5
What is the company associated with the contact "Chester Russell"?

This was another flag that was found early on and I only found it in the Cellebrite PA Report.  In the contacts section you can see that Chester Russell has the company "APT802" listed.

  • Back in my day we weren't glued to our phones
How many seconds did the user have Safari open between the hours of 12:00:00 and 20:00:00 on March 23rd, 2020?

Only enter the number

I did not find the flag for this question.

  • Creeper aw man
Looks like a MineCraft server was hosted on this device?? Find the username of a player who has joined

For this flag it was more of a manual process.  I started by using the search within Windows Explorer to look for "Minecraft" within the iOS extraction.  This produced a result of a settings.ini that let me to the directory of usr\dev\cuberite\Server\Players\67\ where there was a .json file.  I opened the .json file in Notepad++ using the JSON plugin and found the flag of

  • Hackerman
What is the first IP address that this user targeted via a popular hacking tool?

I didn't find the flag for this question, but after reading other Write-Ups I see where I overlooked the bash history for the app. 

  • Near Flag Communication
What is the Tag ID of the scanned NFC tag? Remember MC questions have a 1 attempt limit


I did not find the flag for this question.
  • Check out my Spotify
This user's Spotify playlist is looking a bit suspicious..?

So this one took up quite a bit of time, but ultimately did not find the flag with the iOS data.  While searching for a different flag, I came across several Twitter Direct Message notification emails in the Google Takeout Mbox file. 

There was mention of Spotify, so I started to follow the links sent in the DM email notifications and landed on a Spotify playlist. 

The flag is comprised of the three songs on the playlist "

  • Plug it in plug it innnn
What is the name of the computer that was used to sync with this device?

This flag again can be found in multiple places.  One place is again iLEAPP Report Home on the Device Details Tab.  The second place is the Connected Devices Report.  The flag was DESKTOP-A108NFK.

  • SNAP.. That's going int my cringe compilation
How many applications have iOS Snapshots?

I did not find the flag for this question.

  • Spraaang Breaaaak
How many guests were registered in the trip to Disney?

Warning: You only have 3 attempts at this

I did not find the flag for this question.

I encourage everyone to go and check out iLEAPP by Alexis Brignoni and the YouTube videos he is putting together.  Get involved in the community, support and contribute to Open Source Developers, but above all get out of your comfort zone and participate in a CTF. 

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#MVS2020CTF Write-Up (iOS)

Here is the last Write-Up for the #MVS2020CTF.  During the live competition, I wasn't aware of any "free" tools to analyze iOS...